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I have completed the Unit Assessment (for the third time) for the book _A Separate Peace_ in Literature. Here are the answers.
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1. Why does Gene train for the 1944 Olympics? Answer: Gene will compete for Finny since Finny cannot because of his leg. 2. Gene says, "But I was used to finding something deadly in things that attracted me; there was always something deadly lurking in anything I wanted, anything I loved." What is this an example of? Answer: foreshadowing 3. What does Leper's preference to ski through the woods, his love of nature, and his preference to not rush things make him? Answer: sensitive 4. Why is it impossible for readers to know how Finny really feels about not being able to participate in athletics after his fall? Answer: Gene narrates the story, so readers don't know what Finny is thinking. 5. Why do the professors at Devon allow the boys to be carefree and flout many of the school rules during the Summer Session? Answer: The professors want the boys to enjoy their final months before they face the war and the outside world. 6. Why does Finny rush out of the Assembly Room during the inquiry? Answer: Finny doesn't want to confront the unpleasant truth that Gene caused his fall. 7. Which best describes the conflict that Finny faces after he breaks his leg? Answer: Finny is in conflict with himself because he is in denial about Gene causing the accident. 8. After Finny's injury, Gene puts on his best friend's clothes, and later Finny insists that Gene play sports for him. Which best describes what these events represent? Answer: Gene symbolically becomes a part of Finny. 9. What is revealed about Finny when he gets away with breaking the rules and is a favorite of the teachers at Devon? Answer: Finny is charming and humorous and able to win people over. 10. Why does Gene say nothing to Finny when Finny tells him he considers Gene his best friend? Answer: Gene finds it difficult to be honest about his feelings like Finny is. 11. Gene says, "With the sensation that I was throwing my life away, I jumped into space." What does this line suggest to readers, and how does it affect the mood of the novel? Answer: Gene feels scared and wonders what will happen, thus creating a mood of uncertainty. 12. What does learning that Finny will never be able to play sports again after his fall mean to Gene? Answer: Gene feels tremendous guilt for having ruined Finny's future. 13. During a conversation about Gene's height, Finny interrupts him and says "No, you're the same height I am, five-eight and a half. We're on the short side." Why does Finny correct Gene about his height? Answer: Finny is secure in himself and has no need to exaggerate his height like Gene does. 14. Why does Finny begin hitting his teammates with snowballs during the snowball fight? Answer: Finny lives to be rebellious and go against the rules. 15. What impact does the visit to Leper have on Gene? Answer: It terrifies Gene and makes him want to return to Finny, who insists that the war is not real. 16. Which theme is explored by the snowball fight, Finny's reading _Julius Caesar_, and Finny and Gene being brought to the Assembly Room for the inquiry? Answer: Betrayal can often shatter one's trust, integrity, and ability to forgive. 17. Why does Leper speak to the boys at the inquiry as if he were speaking to a group of children and then become disinterested in the proceedings? Answer: Leper has faced the ugly reality of the outside world and is not afraid of the truth. 18. How does the truth about his fall from the tree affect Finny? Answer: It shatters Finny's entire view of the world and causes him to rush out of the inquiry and fall again. 19. Why is Gene's fall into the Naguamsett River at the beginning of the Winter Session significant? Answer: It symbolizes another step Gene takes into adulthood and the outside world. 20. How is Gene unlike Brinker in the final chapter? Answer: Gene has matured enough to accept who he is and the responsibilities he has.

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