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Help please?? You don't have to actually write it I'm just really confused and need some help. Write a three-paragraph persuasive argument for being a responsible citizen of the United States. In your argument, include all of the rights and responsibilities of a good citizen. Make suggestions to your readers about what they can do to be involved as good citizens in their school and communities right now.
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In today’s society, many individuals are enriched with rights and responsibilities. Yet, many individuals choose not to utilize his or her moral and ethical responsibilities. Individuals are encouraged to implement moral and ethical standards throughout life as a standard of living. Becoming a good citizen requires utilizing these characteristics within his or her community. Within every community, laws and regulations have been implemented or amended to provide society with an emphasis of moral and ethical standards. Moral and ethical standards were founded upon the Bible, which assisted structure society’s laws and regulations. Individuals, whom want to become good citizens within his or her community, should follow the laws and regulations enacted by legislation. Just following the laws and regulations is not enough to be considered a good citizen. An individual must understand the difference between what is morally right and wrong. Although an individual is provided with an opportunity to commit a wrongful act, it is the individual’s choice to not commit the act. A wrongful act may not be considered a violation of law depending on the act committed, but the act could cause harm to an individual emotionally. Therefore, the act is still considered wrong. In conclusion, to become a good citizen one must utilize and implement his or her moral and ethical standards, which they are enriched with throughout their upbringing. Just because an act may not be considered illegal does not mean the act is not wrong. A good citizen will weigh the damages of an action to consider the final decision. Good citizens will assist others without the benefits of rewards, but gain new knowledge of doing right.

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