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I saw my classmates cheating during a quiz. Well, I know that they have been cheating ever since 1st year. We are in engineering, and I always respect the profession because I thought they are honest. Now, I don't know. I cannot concentrate because they are unfair, and they are taking it easy. They are also proud of the mark that they are getting. Sometimes when they got their midterms back, they will change their answer, and asked the TA to remark it. Should I tell them to the prof? BTW, the prof. has the same background as them, and there is a big chance that he will ignore whatever I say. Any advice on what should I do?
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The school should have a system in place for reporting academic dishonesty. Look into their policies on it. Bad engineers kill people. This is not an opinion. The fact is that poor engineering has killed many people in the past: Even computer engineers have killed people: Since we are talking about life and death in the work of engineers, there is no question about if academic dishonesty should be reported. It is a must! It is not just the grades of one person that are at stake. It is the lives of people that could rely on the results of that person's work. And if they like to cut corners, they are not the type of person that should be an engineer!
  • e.mccormick
And this is not some issue of the far past. Here is a more recent example:
  • e.mccormick

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