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Love, ambition, greed, religious faith—these are some of the human emotions that motivate characters and help explain their personalities and behavior. Choose a character from any of the course readings, who came alive for you. Write an essay in which you examine that character’s personality and motivation and show what the character’s behavior and attitudes reveal about human nature. Begin with an introductory paragraph that captures your reader’s attention and includes a thesis statement that states your view of the character. Then, in the body of your essay, show how details in the work convey the character’s personality and motives. End with a concluding paragraph that sums up your main ideas about the character.
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This is what I have so far! Hamlet is a confusing and mysterious character. His story affects readers in different and personal ways. Hamlet is a character filled with much anger and sorrow. He a had a negative way of viewing the world and he was the least bit of optimistic. His negative energy toward others affected his relationship with people and became a large part of who he was as a character. “Man Delights Not Me!” Hamlet states that the ways of society doesn't intrigue him. Hamlet likes to see himself as a man who isn't easily influenced by others however Claudius killing Hamlet's father drew Hamlet to lose himself and go mad. Hamlet's character traits were molded by the selfish acts of his Uncle Claudius. Claudius was a man of greed who had an incorrigible hunger for power and his main goal was to usurp. In Imitating Claudius mischievous ways Hamlet seeked revenge.

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