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Country A has an absolute command economy. Country B has a mixed economy and a population that favors market trade. Both want to increase trade to generate more wealth. Which action would Country B most likely take that Country A would not?
Economics - Financial Markets
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\(\Large\rm\color{blue}{Welcome~to~OpenStudy!}\) @stevee.yo Country B would choose free market earnings - when townspeople are allowed to open their own businesses to make profits. Lets have a look attheir definitions. \(\Large\rm\color{red}{Command ~Economy}\) is one in which the coordination of economic activity, so essential to the viability and functioning of a complex social economy, is undertaken through administrative means— commands, directives, targets and regulations — rather than by a market mechanism. \(\Large\rm\color{red}{Mixed ~Economy}\) - An economic system that includes a mixture of capitalism and socialism. This type of economic system includes a combination of private economic freedom and centralized economic planning and government regulation. \(\Large\rm\color{green}{That ~means...}\) As people wants to produce a lot, everybody will try to lower tax. \(\Large\rm\color{blue}{Hope~It's~clear~!}\)

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