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Some may find this offensive, as I do. Freedom of the press initially referred to pamhlets, magazines, newspapers, and books and Supreme courts decisions eventually said with no restrictions to language, foul or not. This was later extended to journalizm and audio visual mediums which eventuall lead to ratings, G, PG, R, X and M for TV. The laws against pediphillia photographs, movies and internet sites are based on the fact that children were used in their production.
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When the digial medium creats a virtual child for use in their production it will become a supreme court case. According to my understanding of the law they may have no choice but allow it, if they say it's to corrupting to the populace then that would allow cases of foul languages and violences to be outlawed due to corupting influencs as many today say. This is not an imaginary scenario but the real possible outcone of our judicuiary system.
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Mixing law in a religion discussion board, nice.

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