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This question involves analyzing the same political cartoon in your workspace. In a few short sentences, analyze the elements and their placement in this image. What about them would prompt you to vote for the reform the cartoonist is implying? cartoon
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pleasee help i have no idea what elements are used in this cartoon
  • anonymous
Lighting, the american flag, the open vs closed space. This type of question is related specifically to the person who is asking it. Have you been taught by this person to look for specific things in cartoons? If so, what words did they use to describe these key things? In order to formulate a response that will please your instructor, you should try to use what they have taught you to answer this question, not what someone off of the internet sees in it. My analysis of this image is thus: The suburban public school is seen as more american, more open, more free, more natural, more beautiful, more bright and wholesome than the inner-city public school. This cartoon is calling for the reform of our public school system so that all american children, no matter where they live, receive the same quality of education.

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