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How does one use filter-out to nullify the LTO compiler flag in gmake for two specific source files?
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The main issues I encounter are: 1. The LTO flag takes arguments, so how would one account for -flto, and -flto=n. The Makefile: ``` DEPTH = @DEPTH@ topsrcdir = @top_srcdir@ srcdir = @srcdir@ VPATH = @srcdir@ include $(DEPTH)/config/autoconf.mk INTERNAL_TOOLS = 1 HOST_PROGRAM = elfhack NO_DIST_INSTALL = 1 NO_PROFILE_GUIDED_OPTIMIZE = 1 VPATH += $(topsrcdir)/build HOST_CPPSRCS = \ elf.cpp \ elfhack.cpp \ $(NULL) OS_CXXFLAGS := $(filter-out -fno-exceptions,$(OS_CXXFLAGS)) -fexceptions ifneq (,$(filter %86,$(TARGET_CPU))) CPU := x86 else ifneq (,$(filter arm%,$(TARGET_CPU))) CPU := arm else CPU := $(TARGET_CPU) endif endif CSRCS := \ inject/$(CPU).c \ inject/$(CPU)-noinit.c \ test-ctors.c \ test-array.c \ $(NULL) ifndef CROSS_COMPILE CSRCS += dummy.c endif WRAP_LDFLAGS= include $(topsrcdir)/config/rules.mk test-array$(DLL_SUFFIX) test-ctors$(DLL_SUFFIX): %$(DLL_SUFFIX): %.$(OBJ_SUFFIX) elfhack $(filter inject/%,$(CSRCS:.c=.$(OBJ_SUFFIX))) $(MKSHLIB) $(LDFLAGS) $< -nostartfiles @echo === @echo === If you get failures below, please file a bug describing the error @echo === and your environment \(compiler and linker versions\), and use @echo === --disable-elf-hack until this is fixed. @echo === # Fail if the library doesn't have $(DT_TYPE) .dynamic info $(TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX)readelf -d $@ | grep '($(DT_TYPE))' @rm -f $@.bak $(CURDIR)/elfhack -b -f $@ # Fail if the backup file doesn't exist [ -f "$@.bak" ] # Fail if the new library doesn't contain less relocations [ $$($(TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX)objdump -R $@.bak | wc -l) -gt $$(objdump -R $@ | wc -l) ] test-array$(DLL_SUFFIX): DT_TYPE=INIT_ARRAY test-ctors$(DLL_SUFFIX): DT_TYPE=INIT .PRECIOUS: test-array$(DLL_SUFFIX) test-ctors$(DLL_SUFFIX) GARBAGE += test-array$(DLL_SUFFIX) test-ctors$(DLL_SUFFIX) test-array$(DLL_SUFFIX).bak test-ctors$(DLL_SUFFIX).bak libs:: test-array$(DLL_SUFFIX) test-ctors$(DLL_SUFFIX) ifndef CROSS_COMPILE dummy: dummy.$(OBJ_SUFFIX) $(CC) -o $@ $^ $(LDFLAGS) libs:: dummy # Will either crash or return exit code 1 if elfhack is broken LD_PRELOAD=$(CURDIR)/test-array$(DLL_SUFFIX) $(CURDIR)/dummy LD_PRELOAD=$(CURDIR)/test-ctors$(DLL_SUFFIX) $(CURDIR)/dummy GARBAGE += dummy endif inject: $(NSINSTALL) -D $@ inject/%.c: inject.c $(call mkdir_deps,inject) cp $< $@ GARBAGE_DIRS += inject inject/%.$(OBJ_SUFFIX): DEFINES += -DBITS=$(if $(HAVE_64BIT_OS),64,32) inject/%.$(OBJ_SUFFIX): CFLAGS := -O2 -fno-stack-protector $(filter -m% -I%,$(CFLAGS)) inject/$(CPU)-noinit.$(OBJ_SUFFIX): DEFINES += -DNOINIT test.$(OBJ_SUFFIX): CFLAGS := -O0 host_elf.$(OBJ_SUFFIX) host_elfhack.$(OBJ_SUFFIX): elfxx.h ```

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