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Reread the first stanza. Why does the poet capitalize Moon and plead with the moon to shine through “just one small crack”? She capitalizes Moon because it is a planet. She hopes it will shine as soon as the storm is over so her fears will disappear. She capitalizes Moon to draw attention to that word, since it is the only source of hope in the poem. She enjoys the light from the Moon. She capitalizes Moon to address it like a person so her plea will be taken more seriously. She needs this small sliver of light to rescue her from the frightening dark.
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Ode to My Window by Pat Shank Mad wind whistlin' through walls this night Charlie, my dog, whimpers in fright Look at that sky—black upon black Please, Moon, shine through, just one small crack Ice pelts the windows—Ping! Ping! Ping! I wonder if they feel the sting I ask myself, do panes pained bleed? Probably not, just hearts in need I think of this window by my bed Gifts it keeps giving to my head: Shows me the stars on dark, long nights Through it my dreams begin their flights Morning it brings me warmth from the sun Rainbows, too, I think just for fun Flowers I see, red and yellow Waves to me from girls and fellows Shadows it bends as if in dance On walls as I watch entranced Take my secrets, I whisper soft Into the night, may they take loft Ice, go away—leave us alone You and wind go somewhere—atone! Time it is for winter to end Spring's just got to be 'round the bend These thoughts must have lulled me to sleep Next I knew, in morning did creep Looked at the glass, none worse for wear Smiled to myself at the Sun's glare Ground covered now with fresh white snow Tree bent heavy shaped like a bow A daffodil I think I saw Pushing its head up through the thaw I say my prayers and sip my tea A glorious day this will be So glad to be here one more time Perhaps I can share one more rhyme Give thanks to the makers of glass With it the days beautifully pass Keep it clean for me to see through Don't get out much at 92

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