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Great Britain’s Parliamentary system was made up of a. Conservatives and Liberals c. Whigs and Liberals b. Conservatives and Republicans d. Torries and Conservatives Which of the following painted light exactly as they saw it to represent reality? a. Impressionists c. Cubists b. Postimpressionists d. Abstract Expressionists What did Nicholas II do for Russia? a. He formed a 2-house legislature. c. He improved conditions for the working class. b. He industrialized the nation. d. He established the role of President for the country. Which of the following was a result of Austria-Hungary’s annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina? a. Italy became divided between the North and South. c. The Triple Entente was established. b. The Labor Party was formed. d. The stage was set for WWI. In France, the Premier was responsible to the Chamber of a. Commerce. c. Ministerials. b. Deputies. d. the Senate. In 1875, a new constitution created France’s Second Republic. T OR F site of the “Bloody Sunday” Russian massacre What did the Second Industrial Revolution combine? a. Evolutionary and Revolutionary socialism c. Bourgeoisie and proletariat b. Subways and streetcars d. Industry and transportation Who did Karl Marx believe was the lead oppressor? a. Marconi c. Bourgeoisies b. The German Social Democratic Party d. The government

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