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How do you raise your problem solving?
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Every little thing you do on OpenStudy can increase your smartscore. It's how well you do these things to increase it. There's no fast easy way to increase it. It takes time. For the problem solving portion, you must answer questions not only in detail, but guiding the user to understanding the problem. Giving direct answers is not only not allowed, but it doesn't even help the user understand anything. Plus, direct answers don't increase your smartscore as fast as answering in detail would. Teamwork! One thing people consider to be somewhat hard to do. By gaining fans as well as fanning users, you are then increasing your smartscore even more! The more fans you earn, the higher you go. But be aware that creating accounts to fan yourself doesn't increase your smartscore by much. Also, it's not allowed and could lead to your main account being suspended forever. You best bet would be to enter chats, as well as help out a lot. Lastly we have engagement. Here is the fun part, when you ask questions you're increasing your smartscore! Isn't that cool? You can increase your smartscore just by making threads you need help on! Not to mention the amount of medals you earn and give out can help increase it faster! But keep in mind, spamming yourself with medals isn't allowed on here and will not increase your smartscore fast at all. Another thing about engagement is that the longer you're on here, the higher your smartscore goes too! It's as if almost everything on here will increase your smartscore. It can be fun and I hope you find it very fun too. I hope you have the best time on OpenStudy and good luck with the journey on here. c: ~beccaboo333

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