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RE-BOOT my fav song! ^.^
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A room the darkness has come to love a witch so hauntingly then appears she greets me only to turn and say goodbye The time the seasons began to freeze the days that never passed would pile up as snow I think a bout it all of the time I made it your favorite color you`d love it just look and see! then one at a time those bonds that we tired to tight ripped a seam before i fixed my eyes all we ever wanted but we too unsure too afraid had falled though our fingers way to fast and scattered away... and now im left standing on this monchingroom stage can`t run away from this tv like play cring the skies id rather die and be reborn so i can repaint the fourth dimension so bright im sure it never will fade and something new will break the day... around in circles my everyday is trapping me from running away the flicks and ticks of sun-light breaking at dawn the greying days of season-less haze bleed on and on relently on they fade or that`s the way it kinda had felt And all the truth clear to see left disappointment deep underneath we flet the pain we tried so hard to keep away in the haze just so afraid of getting to close we ended our story lets open it and write in it again crying the skies id rather die and be reborn so i can repaint the fourth dimension so bright im sure it never will fade And something new will break the day......
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Weren't you going to post a song you made?
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or this

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