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Which of these Transcendentalist writings had the most direct influence on the African Amreican activists in the 1950's and 1960's ? Ambition ? Orphic Sayings? Woman in the 19th Century ? Two Rivers? Please HELP!!!
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"The four documentaries about South Africa offered by International House this week offer many images of tumult, bigotry and bloodshed. But nothing comes close to the bleak eloquence and inspiration of a shot in the middle of The Two Rivers. In a picture worth many thousand editorial words, a line of black miners trudges onto an elevator that will plunge them into the bowels of the earth to gouge out gold for their white masters. Director Mark Newman places his camera so that we join the miners - and, by vivid inference, their hopelessly divided country - on the downward spiral. The elevator car begins the descent and a square of light above our heads recedes with disconcerting rapidity. It's a tunnel-vision shot that reminds that the light at the end of this tunnel is ever more distant."

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