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Don't you think? the quotation ' mathematics is queen of science' is no longer valid? what you think?

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well didn't they do the maths and predict the Higgs boson constant before it was discovered... using the large hadron collider and didn't the maths help to predict black holes... so is maths still relevant.... I use it everyday.. from crossing a road to paying for items...
you are correct. It is king. We are never wrong one PROVED and our answers don't change.

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Other answers:

without use math u cannot solve of science so mathematice is queen of science valid till now.
It's more of a saying really. It's very hard to compare sciences and outrank them based on arbitrary considerations and call that a fact. From an abstract point of view I think the reason that statement came to be is due to the fact that every other science out there uses some kind of mathematical model/logic/arithmetic/method etc. to highlight its conclusions. But that's like saying that every science requires a brain to absorb, process and produce information and therefore the brain is the King of science - or that language and writing are the king/queen of sciences because it is through those that we express our thoughts. From a practical point of view I'd crown physics as the King/Queen of sciences. Without the many observations, devices, laws and etc. developed primarily with the insight which physics provided us (anything from telescopes, microscopes, MRI to Newton inventing Calculus) there would be no modern medicine, chemistry, computer science and etc. Then again, it is very hard to refer to physics without refering to maths as they are intrinsically connected. And then again, you could say that without chemistry and biology we would all be dying by the time we'd reach adulthood. In short: it's a very biased point of view to claim either of those as crowning over the others and the answer depends on what framework you're judging it through.
The moment you prove anything mathematically it shall be 100% theoretically correct with 0% error in the "model" which you are using. So it's away far better than science and like it's purity does not count on experiment/observations...ect. It's a whole branch by it's own.
WTF ( world taekwondo federation , For moderators ONLY), nub, It's the only subject (+physics) that works your brain. #CLOSE , NOOB OPINION.

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