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Which if the following best describes the roman empires public works project
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The Roman Aqueduct Picture Roman Aqueduct One of the ancient worlds greatest achievement was the Roman Aqueduct, the Roman aqueduct was a highly advanced water system, with indoor plumbing, invented by the romans. The Roman Aqueduct was a system of a constant flow of water, carrying water in and out of the city. This system also included a sewer system that carried away the diseases from the population. Before the Roman Aqueduct people suffered from malaria, famine, typhus, and fleas because of the muddy diseased water. The Roman Aqueduct is about 260 miles long, but only about 30 is visible, the rest is underground. The Roman aqueduct provided water for water fountains, baths, and villas. The creation of the Roman Aqueduct was successful in making Rome a much healthier, less diseased civilization and more technologically advanced.
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