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Which of the following thesis statements might be appropriate to add to the paragraph above (Hint: The objective is to convince Harold's Hamburgers to donate their product.). Donating to the cheerleader's annual dance will help the cheerleaders get their new uniforms. By contributing to the dance, you will help the cheerleaders and your own business. By contributing your product to the dance, you will save money on advertising, increase your company's sales, and improve its image in the community. any of the above none of the above
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Read the paragraph below and answer the questions that follow. My name is Alex Anderson. I am a member of the ninth-grade cheerleading team at Pine Valley High School. This year, our team hopes to compete in a national competition. Before this event, we are hoping to purchase new uniforms. To raise funds for our new outfits, we have planned a fund-raising dance. People from the community must purchase a ticket to the dance; then the cheerleading team gives out refreshments. Because we would like to be able to put as much of our profit toward the purchase of new uniforms, we are asking some local businesses to sponsor us by providing food and drinks. Harold's Hamburgers are a favorite of many students, and we would very much like to serve items from your menu at our dance. We are in need of food for 50 guests.

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