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I have a few questions about the book "Ethan Frome." I posted them on another site, but I'll put the link and you can answer on here to get a medal if you'd like:) https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20150711111025AAjCXvL
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No. 1: Zeena comes as a house keeper for Ethan and his mother, who soon died. Zeena and Ethan feel a need for each other and it causes Zeena to stay living with Ethan. Soon they both became a married couple. Zeena’s cousin Mattie came to live with them because Zeena got sick and needed a house keeper. Zeena notices that Ethan becomes more alive and joyful when Mattie came to live with them. Zeena becomes a jealous wife and wants Mattie out of their house. Ethan has a guilty conscious because he really loves Mattie and doesn’t want her to leave. When the time comes for Mattie to leave he does everything he can to try and convince her to run away with him. He did not succeed and they go sledding; leading them to the accident that caused Mattie to be able to stay in their house. No 2: He is reminded of seven years' endurance of Zeena, he wonders what people might someday say about the two of them. More important as a parallel to the previous night's action (when he walked by the cemetery with Mattie), Ethan's thoughts show that he now seriously does consider himself married to Zeena, and that he briefly realizes his thoughts of being buried in the cemetery with Mattie were fantasy. The headstone is also ironic because, in the end, it is Zeena who must forego her illnesses and prove herself in the role of "endurance" in anything but peaceful circumstances as she ministers for years to the two crippled victims of the sledding accident. No. 3: Simile No. 4: The literary techniques employed in the quotation include hyperbole (exaggeration) and metaphor.... No. 5: Creating a narrator from outside of Starkfield who comes in and pieces together the story of the Fromes allows us to trust the descriptive, articulate tale that is woven within the chapters of the text.

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