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As a result of the Punic wars, Rome? A. Was burned to the ground. B. Won control over the western Mediterranean C. Lost control over most of Italy D. Lost its overseas empire
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Hint: The Punic Wars were very successful for Rome.
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1st Punic war Rome won Sicily as a province 2nd Punic War Rome won Spain and Carthage was reduced to the status of a client state and lost all power of enacting its own treaties and diplomacy. It was forced to pay a tribute of 10,000 talents, all warships, save 10 were turned over to Rome along with any remaining war elephants. Carthage was also forbidden to raise an army without the permission of Rome. Grain and reparations for lost supplies also had to be provided to Rome as well as having the resposibilty of collecting runaway slaves and returning them. 3rd Punic war Rome burned Carthage down
not only did they burn Catargo but they dismantled it brick by brick for years on end they wanted to totally obliterate it from the annals of history Cathargo delenda est

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