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how much do chinese translors make a year
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你好! Working in translation and interpretation services can be a very versatile job. One can find stable work for a single employer such as a news agency for a long period of time, or in some cases may work simply on appointment. Thus it's hard to safely say what salary you would make. Personally I also want to work in Mandarin Chinese interpretation and I don't imagine an exact place for the job. If you're really serious about working to help bridge different countries with your language skills, focus right now on becoming fluent (if you aren't already) and graduate with experience in both the language and, I would recommend, East Asian studies of some sort as well. For now, don't dwell too much on whether the job pays super well. But I will tell you -- as China gains more and more prowess on the international economic platform, I truly believe that Chinese translation will become more in-demand over time, and so I think that the job is a perfectly acceptable one and will have enough decent- to well-paying opportunities in the future. You can take a look at this article: 祝好运啊!

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