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Assessment Excellent work so far! Just one more thing to do –show that you understand the economic, political, religious, and social developments in the early Indus River Valley civilizations. This fun challenge will allow you to use your imagination. Your job is to create one of the following products: A song (must be at least 12 lines) A story (must be at least 4 paragraphs) A poem (must be at least 12 lines) Your chosen creative piece must address the following topic: "What was the significance of Aryan and other tribal migrations on the Indus Valley?"
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Basically you will want to tell the history of the Indus Valley Civilization through your story or lyrics. Be sure to include SPECIFIC DETAILS in your creative piece. Step One: Begin by using the following Indus Valley Lesson Template to collect specific details that can be used in your creative piece. (The template is not your final product and should not be turned in for grading.) Step Two: Use the information that you have learned in the lesson and collected in the template to create your final product a song, a story or a poem. The following specific details must be included in your song, story, or poem: Include references to the Harappa/Mohenjo-Daro, the Aryans, and the Dravidians. Talk about how all three of these societies were interconnected. (Who came first; who came next; who came last? How were the societies the same? How were they different? Where in the Indus Valley did they live? How did they interact with each other?) Discuss specifically how this interconnection affected or changed the economy, the politics, the society, and the religions of the Indus Valley civilizations. Step Three: Review your song, story or poem for grammar and accuracy. Be sure you have meet the length requirement for your product. Read through your product to make sure you have included all of the specific details required by step 2.

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