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@nincompoop I watched as what looked to be a bum, walking into this subway compartment. He was drunk and muttering to himself. He had a crude demeanor about him. He roamed the subway trolley, waiting to meet the gaze of someone, to ask for a little change. It was a subway packed with people who were mostly on their way to work. Most of them didn't pay him much attention. Everyone kept it to them self, with the exception of the timely gleeful remarks and gestures between themselves. The women were quick to distance them self away from him, they made no effort to hide their feelings of repulse in their faces. The men denied his presence with resisting countenance or lowered their heads into their news papers. He began to approached them more bluntly, asking for any spare change. Being denied their audience, he neglectfully seized his attempts and lay still for a moment. Lifted his head along with his right hand, as if to speak, but simply panned around himself and dropped his head once more. He quickly rustled about, but paused again taking a deep breath and said "I too was young once, I too had dreams", His voice became more stern,"I was just the same I tell you, just the same as everyone else here", His voice sounded more resentful now, " just remember this, anything can happen to any body, ANYTHING can happen to ANYBODY." He mumbled once more "anything can happen to anybody". By this point, there wasn't a single person not giving him his due attention, we had all realized that there was a philosopher on board.
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