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@paki What effect did the French and Indian War have on the Native American tribes who fought in it? They gained new rights because they have contributed to the overthrow of the French. They gained prestige because they had fought alongside the new settlers of their land. They suffered a loss of steady trade in fur, meat, and grain with European traders. They suffered negative consequences because they lost both their land and their allies.
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Flush with success, British policymakers came to believe that their control over the North American continent was firmly established. But Native Americans who had fought in the war in alliance with Britain believed that they had won the right to territories west of the Appalachians, while American colonists soon objected to British postwar policies aimed at consolidating their hold on North America. As a result, while the French and Indian War removed one great power from the contest over America, it did not truly end the dispute over control of the Pennsylvania backcountry, nor did it guarantee Britain's control over the continent. In fact, tensions between Britain and its American colonists that grew out of the war and its aftermath led, in just a few short years, to the American Revolution.

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