• blackstreet23
Hey i have this essay question about computer science. Your comments will finally give an idea to start writing my essay B. Have we become too dependent on technology in our everyday lives? We can all list the advantages that come with technology, but does technology also have a negative side to it?
Computer Science
  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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  • anonymous
Technology make me less social. I am now a nonsocial kid that avoid contact with other human beings unless I know them well. Theres another negative Impact. What if i lose internet. What if i kill a dog and eat it cause I'm chinese and someone vine it or something and I have hitmens coming after me. People are easily influenced online. They don't think twice when they say that "this guy should die". What if i have severe mental issues and die. What if i rely on a robot and it doe surgery on me and it worked previously but i have different skin pigment and it mistakes my skin as severe signs of fatigue. What if tomorrow a lightning bolt from zeus hits the local power center thing and i lose internet/phone. Then Im robbed. And the police are 2 far. My lack of excersize mean I can't run away. What if a bad review for a resturant from a stupid customer cause many to join in and write bad reviews to feel that joy of having things in common. That resturant owners going broke. What if someone famous wrote a cool equation. e=2 x 12 /6g ^H And it got viral and no one question it. Then while someone is coding a power plant they remembered the equation. Even though it was proven wrong. They remembered it and thought it was correct because so many people said that.
  • blackstreet23
i think all of these just goes to herd mentality haha

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