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  • Kitten_is_back
My life used to be normal and hard but that all changed let's start form the beginning (Cue flashback?? :/ no) So let me my self Indore myself my name is Saint Don't really have a last name . I'm 18/Half . I'm like the guy in school consider a emo nerd yes I'm a emo not a nerd . I've Black hair ,Green and red Eyes but i use red glow constants .When I was 16 i was 5'5 now i'm 6'4 kind of tall but I'm the runt in my family that's enough about me . Let's get start .Waking up to my retard alarm clock i stare at the clock confused when did i set my alarm to 1:00 *Ugh I'm never going to be able to go back to sleep. (Sorry skip to walking to school) brother well foster brother and that's all .everyday Is the Same Get beat up by brother well foster brother and that's all .I go to the Office getting my schedule Then go to pick a locker *locker 265* I though sighing and as i walk to the hell known as math i pick the seat in the way back trying to get out of being called up to the class to Indore myself doing what i normal do getting out my journal I brought Since the only person taking care of me treats me like carp and won't care if i die drawing /writing in my journal two boy's come in the class late my phone starts to vibrate good thing i put the ringtone of my brother saying ''owlet ANSWER OR DIE'' off volume '' your late boy's'' The teacher says putting one of my earphones in playing night core monster looking at the boy's as their eyes turn red it must be my imagination shaking my head and going back to writing .''Hey '' i look up to see one of the boy's who came in late i just ignored him which earned a growl form him writing again in my journal . I looked to my side the boy;s just glared at me waiting for the bell to save me as soon as the bell rung i flew out my seat and the class room .
  • Kitten_is_back
To my Next class Which was the devil's torture chambers known as gym class Which i suck at gum nope i'm skipping Gym don't care if i fail gym again for another bad thing to go on my record .Which is really bad and sad and if i fail gym again for another bad thing to go on my record .Which is really bad and sad Taking out my iPhone 6 to write my story of my life and titled it why no one hears my cry sighing writing the entrance about another day of hell in my life as the lunch bell ring . Walking to the cafeteria just picking out a empty table .not playing attrition my phone starts playing my brothers ringtone glad i was listening to my Pandora .I Wish i could regret his phone calls but i press accepted the call ''Hey owlet mom and dads are coming home'' Alex said annoyed every scene our dads told us we are special werewolf ish special Alex my brother acted like a jerk to me and regret me because he thought i was his mate.but dad told my on my birthday i will found what i am I'm excited my brithday is in two nights my dad always invites a lot of people. (Skip to birthday morning) ''HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BOY '' my dads say happily ''thanks '' i smile walking downstairs to as usual Alex messes up my birthday breakfast (Skip to birthday party) sighing i open my gifts everyone excepted Alex's i know what's in the bag i pick Alex bag last and toke the card out of the bad and read it fast '' Your never going to be special or find your mate '' it said closing the card i had enough of his pellet and i look in the baf its a knife i growl .

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