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2. Which of the following best describes a fission reaction involving lithium? Two lithium atoms form bonds with each other, absorbing a large amount of energy. The nuclei of lithium atoms join together to form heavier isotopes, and energy is released. An atom of lithium absorbs electrons, undergoes an increase in energy level, and splits into fragments. The nucleus of an atom of lithium splits, resulting in smaller fragments and the release of a large amount of energy. 3. Which of the following best describes a safety precaution needed in nuclear power plants? Scrubbers are built on smokestacks to prevent radioactive atmospheric pollution. Proper ventilation allows the radioactive by-products of reactions to escape, preventing explosions. Two separate water chambers are used to prevent radioactivity from reaching the outside environment. Employees must sign waivers that prevent them from suing the power plants in the case of accidental exposure to radioactivity. For #2 I went with B and #3 I went with C.
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8. Nonrenewable resources such as coal, oil and natural gas have caused many environmental problems. Which of the following environmental problems is not the result of burning fossil fuels? acid rain global warming ozone depletion smog 9. Which of the following is the reason that alternative renewable resources have not replaced fossil fuels in generating all the electricity that we use? They have very expensive operating costs. They produce harmful environmental by-products. Society is unwilling to use alternative energy sources. They are not yet able to meet the massive demand for energy. For 8 I went with C and 9 I went with D

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