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highlighter pen cost $3.86 per seat at an office supply store which equation can be used to determine the price,P, of n sets of these pens
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P= 3.86n, because Price is the total price. The product. So we would start with the P= building block. Then, since each set costs $3.86, then we would multiply the number of sets and the price. So we now have 3.86n. This is the second piece. Combine the two for the equation- P=3.86n Example 1: P=3.86n John buys 5 sets of highlighters and nothing else. His total expense is P. So [P=] Since he bought 5 sets, n=5 So now we have [3.86 x 5] Put together the two blocks- [P=][3.86 x 5] [P=][19.30] So John spent $19.30, assuming he lived in a magical world with no taxes. :) Example 2: P=3.86n John, Jane, Jack and Jill are working on a project and need highlighters. Jane goes to the store and buys the highlighters, and everybody reimburses her. Each person requires two packs of highlighters. We must find how much Jane pays for all of the highlighters (part A) and how much each person owes her, assuming that there is no extra pay for her time, gas, etc. (part B) First we must answer part A. We must find P. Since there are 4 people, and they each need 2 sets of highlighters, the group needs 8 sets of highlighters. so, n=8 Since n=8, we can multiply that by the price per set, 3.86, to finish. 8 x 3.86= 30.88, so P=30.88. This is the answer to part A. We simply divide the total cost ($30.88) by the number of people (4). This is 7.72. So, John, Jack and Jill owe Jane $7.72 apiece. Since Jane had to pay for her own highlighters, she will receive $23.16 from the others, again assuming that all 4 lived in a magical world with no taxes or additional costs, such as for gas to drive to the office supply store. Hope I helped you, even though this response might be a little late. :)
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I agree. Good response
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P=$3.86n N is the number of sets and $3.86 is the cost per set.

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