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None of this is mine, other than the fact that I downloaded it! o3o. This is for @jane11509 @animalfan1 @deana99 @donblue @Linchpin @KittyPikachu @AliceCullen @maddie456 @emmigrace222 and anyone else that is depressed or thinks that they aren't wanted, I want you to know that your not alone. I'm here for you, and I love you. I'll be here for you, even if I'm not there physically. Stay strong, and know that you are indeed, Wanted. Don't keep all your insecurities, scars, and thoughts to yourself. Because I want to know what your thinking. I want to know why your suddenly acting so shy. I'm here for you. Don't push people away (unless they be bishes xD) Because those people love and care for you, even if you can't see it. Dare to be different, Normal is boring. If your ever considering suicide, I won't plead you to call. Because I'm here for you. I'll list all the reasons you shouldn't die. I'll tell you what you mean to me. Don't self harm, either. Whether its scratching, burning, binging, hair pulling, or cutting. Please, don't do it.. If ya do I'll cut your name into my skin. I love you. People love you. They care. They really do. If you ever need someone to talk to, (chuckle) I'm here. I'll alwys be right here. I've been here for @Jasper_Cullen since we met. And I love him very dearly (I'm not sure in which way) But when everyone left, I was still there. "Your not alone, I'll listen till your tears give out, your safe and sound I, swear that I won't let you down, whats hurting you, I, I feel it too, I mean it when I say when you cry I cry with You" <3 "Trust the one, whose been where you are wishing all it was was sticks and stones, those words cut deep but they don't mean that your all alone, cause your not invisible" Uh.. Yeah. I love you all. xxx Hunter Hayes, Wanted.
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oh my gosh ;~:
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that's really good @AliceCullen

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