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Will fan and medal Can you help me make a Cause and Effect chart showing how the Spanish American War launched the United States into an imperialistic world power. I already have 2 i need 2 more
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These are the two i have 1:Cause: The US has been waiting for the appropriate moment to intervene in Cuba to seize new territories outside of their country,When we realized that cuban insurgents were close to defeat the spaniards they intervened in the war to snatch the victory from the Cubans and try to keep Cuba. Effect: The Cubans did not allow to be ruled by the USA and therefore, The USA were forced to grant them their independence, but with the Platt amendment, that allowed them to intervene in Cuba whenever they wanted. 2: Cause:The inference of the media was a cause they were spreading rumors about the war and what was going on. Effect: People all over the world were being told lies that were not true about the war.

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