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Part One: Measurements Measure your own height and arm span (from finger-tip to finger-tip) in inches. You will likely need some help from a parent, guardian, or sibling to get accurate measurements. Record your measurements on the "Data Record" document. Use the "Data Record" to help you complete Part Two of this project. Measure 11 additional people, and record their arm spans and heights in inches.
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Part Two: Representation of Data with Plots Using graphing software of your choice, create a scatter plot of your data. Predict the line of best fit, and sketch it on your graph. Then, use the software to make a box plot. Copy and paste your scatter plot and box plot into a word processing document. Part Three: The Line of Best Fit Include your scatter plot, box plot, and the answers to the following questions in your word processing document. Which variable did you plot on the x-axis, and which variable did you plot on the y-axis? Explain why you assigned the variables in that way. Write the equation of the line of best fit using the slope-intercept formula y=mx+b. Show all your work, including the points used to determine the slope and how the equation was determined. What does the slope of the line represent within the context of your graph? What does the y-intercept represent? Test the residuals of two other points to determine how well the line of best fit models the data. Use the line of best fit to help you to describe the data correlation. Using the line of best fit that you found in Part Three, Question 2, approximate how tall is a person whose arm span is 66 inches? According to your line of best fit, what is the arm span of a 74-inch-tall person?

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