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QUESTION 1 What lie does E.D. tell to keep the musical from being canceled? There is a television crew coming to do a story on it. Jake will get mad and burn down the theater. Her father wants to audition the board president's daughter again. none of the above 1 points QUESTION 2 What is the family's reaction to the possibility of the show getting canceled? They're glad they won't have to listen to the awful music any more. They're upset that they won't get to talk about their own projects in the television piece. They're sad because they all play a character in the show. none of the above 1 points QUESTION 3 What does Destiny want to do instead of eating dinner? watch the butterfly come out of its cocoon practice for the play herd the goats none of the above 1 points QUESTION 4 Who unexpectedly comes into the cottage while Jake is eating and getting away from Destiny? Hazel E.D. Randolph none of the above 1 points QUESTION 5 What's wrong with the chicken Govindaswami makes? it's not cooked all the way it's too spicy for some of the guests it's overcooked none of the above 1 points QUESTION 6 Who interrupts dinner when Mrs. Montrose comes over? Wolfie the butterfly Destiny none of the above 1 points QUESTION 7 What does Destiny give his butterfly to eat? Gatorade soy sauce Kool-Aid all of the above 1 points QUESTION 8 Who does Randolph decide to cast as Gretl? Priscilla Destiny E.D. none of the above 1 points QUESTION 9 How does E.D. think they can save the show? find a new theater to have it in fire Randolph and find a new producer have the show in their barn none of the above 1 points QUESTION 10 Why is Cordelia upset that Mrs. Montrose is canceling the show? she spent a lot of time making costumes she taught people how to do the waltz she came up with all the choreography all of the above
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even helping with what you can could help ;c
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sorry dude, this post is overwhelming maybe one question per post in future?

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