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The result of the battle of bunker hill was a/an A- narrow victory for the Americans B- inconclusive end C- clear victory of the Americans D- in qualified British victory
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ok if i can remember correctly i would say its d
  • Rushwr
D. is as close to a correct answer in the contest of what you have offered. However, it was not a real loss for the Americans. This action took place (June 17, 1775) about two months after the Battle of Lexington, though resulting in the physical defeat of the Americans, it proved for them a moral victory. As at Lexington and Concord, the colonial soldiers showed that they were prepared to stand their ground in defence of the cause which called them to arms, and Bunker Hill became a watchword of the Revolution. This event also made it clear that the contest must fought out. Thenceforth the sides in the war were sharply defined. The immediate occasion of this battle was the necessity, as seen by the British General, Gage, of the Americans from an eminence commanding Boston. This elevation was one of several hills on a peninsula just north of the town and running out into the harbor. It was the intention of the Americans to seize and fortify Bunker Hill, but for some unexplained reason they took Breed’s Hill, much nearer Boston, and there the battle was mainly fought. Breed’s Hill is now (circa 1900) usually called Bunker Hill Bunker Hill, and upon it stands the Bunker Hill monument.
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The correct answer was B. But thanks anywaysz

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