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Give a step-by-step description of how you would approach a Critical Analysis of this image.
Art History
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This should GREATLY help you. Sorry this wasn't answered to you fast enough. In an art critique, what is the "describe" step? What is included in this step of the art critique? The describe step is simply to describe what you see in the artwork. Steps would include : • What is the title of the artwork • Who is the artist who created the artwork? • When was the artwork created? • What type of art is the artwork? For example, is it a painting or sculpture? • What does the artwork look like? Describe the objects in the artwork or the overall appearance. What is the "analyze" step of an art critique? What would you include in this step? To analyze the artwork is to see where and how the artist uses different elements and principles and see how they fit together to create the artwork and the impression it gives. Steps would include : • What elements of art or design principles are used in the artwork? • How do the elements of art and design principles used influence the mood or sensation of the artwork? What purpose do the art elements or design principles have within the work? • What attracts your attention in the artwork? How is the artist directing your attention there? What is the "interpret" step of an art critique? What would you include in this step? To interpret, we look for the meaning in the artwork. This is a bit more subjective and individual than the last following steps which were objective. Steps would include : • What is the theme or subject of the artwork? How do you know that this is the theme or subject? • What mood or emotion does the artist communicate in the artwork? How does the artist use the elements of art or design principles to communicate this mood or emotion? • What do you think the artist is trying to say with the artwork? What is the meaning of the artwork? • Why do you think the artist created this piece of artwork? What is the purpose of the work? • What symbols or hidden meanings does the artwork contain? How do these influence the meaning of the artwork? What is the "evaluate" step of an art critique? What would you include in this step? This is the final stage of an art critique. To evaluate you use what you have learned about the artwork and come to conclusions about it, both at a personal level and as a piece of artwork. Steps would include : • Based on the previous steps, what are your thoughts and feelings about the artwork? • What value do you think the artwork has? For example, is there something that it does well, or is the topic/theme important? Are there things that the artwork doesn't do well? • What do you personally like or dislike about the artwork? Why? • Was the artist successful in conveying the message or theme of the artwork to you? Why or why not? • What does this artwork illustrate that you might incorporate into your own artwork?
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