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How 7th Grade Students at Madison Middle School Use Their Smart Phones" I recently surveyed seventh graders at Madison Middle School to determine how they used their cell phones. My goal was to determine which daily activities were the most popular. Out of 151 seventh graders in our school, 93 of them use smart phones. 57 of those students agreed to track their cell phones usage in a journal for three days. I compared journal statistics and gathered the following data. Data revealed that students spent 35 percent of their phone time playing games and using apps. These included games played alone and against friends. It also includes social media apps. Students spend 21 percent of their time texting and 20 percent of their time listening to music. Music included songs downloaded on their phones and music that streamed from other sources.14 percent of cell phone time was spent browsing the Internet while 9 percent of the time was spent using the phone to take photographs. Most ironically, students reported spending only 1 percent of their time using cell phones to make actual phone calls. Image of a graph with the title, How 7th grade students at Madison Miller Middle School use their smart phones. A pie chart is shown with the colours, orange, green, pink, purple, blue and light pink. The following are the present ages. Orange 35 percent, games and apps. Green, 21 percent, texting. Pink 20 percent, music. Purple, 14 percent web browsing. Blue 9 percent, camera. Light pink, 1 percent, phone calls. The text and the graphic reflect the same student survey. Which information is found in both the text and the graphic? Data representing the types of apps, games, and music that students used Data representing the name of the middle school and grade level of the participants An explanation of how the survey was conducted and the data was gathered An explanation about the total number of students who participated in the survey

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