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I have just finished the first lecture however I can't seem to find any problem sets or assignments relating to it. I'm also slightly confused by the notation for problem sets e.g. it says page 1A but there is no page 1A. Could someone please point me in the right direction?
MIT 18.02 Multivariable Calculus, Fall 2007
  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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  • phi
I would use this course breaks up the lectures into chunks (but I tended to watch the entire lecture), with additional material and examples. The problem sets have two parts: questions from a "supplemental problems list" and more in-depth questions. For example, PS #1 notice the links to the supplemental problems (it's a big list, and some may be referenced in later problem sets). Also note that there are solutions. Beware, there is the occasional mistake/typo in some of the answers. You can search Openstudy or post here if you run into an answer that does not make sense.
  • anonymous
Hi phi, Thanks for the detailed response. It's been very helpful and I can now start attempting the psets.
  • anonymous
Hi Needtolearncalc, If you are still interested in finding the problem sets for the first lecture, the 1A questions are under Part III: Exercises inside of the supplementary notes and problems. Load the PDF for vectors and matrices. The problem sets themselves are under Assignments->Problem Set 1 PDF

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