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No Dogs Bark." 1. Read these lines from "No Dogs Bark." "There was the moon. Facing them. A large red moon that filled their eyes with light and stretched and darkened its shadow over the earth." In these lines, the image of the moon most likely creates a mood of (1 point) despair hope rage surprise 2. In the story "No Dogs Bark," the noise of the barking dogs most likely symbolizes (1 point) the death of Ignacio's mother the direction and location of Tonaya the son's declining physical condition the breakdown in communication between father and son
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  • Minecraft40952
3. In both the short story "No Dogs Bark" and the poem "Two Bodies" the images of night connect to the theme of (1 point) marital strife sibling rivalry uncertain futures doomed relationships
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1. despair 2. breakdown in communication between father and son 3. doomed relationships

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