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I'm not a psychologist. But in my opinion most of the people need hope. It's very hard to live without hopes. So human beings like to think that there will be a heaven awaiting for them and so on. As I know, the rationalists have nothing to say about the reason of living. They say it's meaningless to think about the reason of being. So atheists live with some sort of emptiness. So people choose to follow a God(s). Even Buddhists follow some sort of God's even-though Lord Buddha hadn't shed a tear about following a god. So people have some kind of a drive to follow god-kind-things...
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  • amilapsn
I think it's a normal thing. Lord Buddha hadn't forbidden his followers to worship. I think worshiping a god kind of thing is just like loving some one. One can't say reasons why they are in love with someone. It's true that part of love is biological. But we can't say that it's hundred percent biological. So my argument is worshiping or theism is a some kind of a psychological human need.
  • KenLJW
In our country we strive for security and a better world for our children to be and do better that we have done. The past is not pretty thing to look at for the individual or the country and it was supposedly for future generations. This can be extended to all mankind which has gone though great going pains. The heaven we seek is the future and hopefullly the God that is there well help us find the way. All religions speak of a better place, whether one thinks its imaginary or not is of no consequence for the future lay's before us, the horizon is where the sky meets the earth. Sky initial meaning is heaven therefore its the horizon is where you have heaven on earth.

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