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Help ! can someone will explain these common reasons of using drugs?About? *Media And Communications *Positive Reinforcement *Curiosity *Celebration *Emotional Pressure *Social Pressure *Previous Drug Use I'll give medal and a fan **
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1.Kids think it's cool because artists do it 2.It can make kids feel better temporarily 3.They wanna see what it's like 4.It can bring forth major joy and pleasure 5.It can bring forth major joy and pleasure 6.It looks good to some kids 7.They could be addicted
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1. ALOT of famous people are doing drugs - artists, movie stars, sportspeople etc. 2. Not only do drugs make you feel better, but it puts a twist on everything and stimulates energy and emotions. Doing drugs can also make you get or feel popular, increasing enthusiasm and confidence. 3. A lot of people and kids do drugs just to see what it feels like and what happens. Curiosity is a part of human nature. 4. Some people take drugs in order to celebrate because it gets them high and stimulates their "excitement" 5. People who are under a lot of emotional pressure either take hallucinogenic or depressant drugs. Most of the time it is after a bad breakup or there is so much negativity surrounding that person. 6. Kids sometimes take drugs if they are peer pressured into it, want to seem cool, or are just trying to hard to be somebody they're not. 7. Sometimes you love how you felt when you were on drugs that its to hard not to be on drugs - you get addicted to it.

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