• surryyy
Discuss how New York City has changed to accommodate the significant growth in the last two centuries. Explore the skyscrapers, open areas, and structures meant to make transportation possible.
  • schrodinger
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  • Bigbosssaint21
There are more business. and then the business grows bigger and better and then theirs also when workers hove to be moved over to there for there business . and the transportation in new york most people walk or take the sub way . because theirs always a lot of traffic . but some people take cabs .
  • iwanttogotostanford
Yeah the jobs part is a major factor. People want jobs and need jobs so they'll go where they need to get them. The cities have a lot of job opportunity
  • anonymous
Many more JOB opportunities. NYC is a hub for businesses. The population has increased drastically and has allowed for better living conditions as well. Public transportation, such as the subways, makes said jobs more accessible and affordable to get to for people from all boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan) to reach jobs in all areas.

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