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"Old Man Denman call all us together and stand on the steps and make he speech. 'You is free to go where you wants but I is beggin' yous to stay by me till us git the crops laid by.' The mens talk it over a-twixt theyselves and includes to stay. They says us might as well stay there as go somewhere else, and us got no money and no place to go." "My husband rents a little piece of land and us raise a corn crop and that's the way us do. Us raises our own victuals. I has chillen through the year(s) and they done scatter to the four winds.Some of them is dead." --Julia Francis Daniels Which of
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the following was probably true about Julia Francis Daniels? She and her husband left their former master's property to start a new life. She and her husband bought their own property from their former owner. She and her husband signed a farming contract with their former master. She and her husband agreed to supervise the workers and their children.
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this is math bro...
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