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Any realest high school advice for an average freshman that'll actually help?
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High school experiences vary for other people. Speaking from my experience, I will say this: There are a times where you may feel like high school is amazing. Then there are times where you feel like it sucks or you can't wait to leave. High school is a different world than elementary or middle school. Your friends that you grew up with may start to change. They could be better people or be someone you don't want to surround yourself with anymore. You may grow apart or just stop being around each other because your paths are bringing you elsewhere. Know that high school is a time many struggle to find themselves. That struggle goes on until college and even then, they don't know who they are or what it is that they want. You may think you know everything. I know I thought I did and boy WAS I WRONG! I am not trying to come off as rude or disrespectful, but teenagers and young adults are idiots. Maybe not always, but my goodness we are closed minded and headstrong sometimes. We think we know everything and we have seen it all. But life has a way of proving us wrong. You may find yourself losing interest in things you liked growing up or liking something you thought you wouldn't have liked a few years ago. Again, that is completely normal. I am not going to tell you to avoid drugs, alcohol, and sex. You should know better by now and don't need people to constantly baby you and tell you right from wrong. You know well enough that these things have consequences. So if you decide to make those decisions, prepare for the consequences you would have to pay afterwards. There is more I could say. But sometimes, we need to fall hard on our faces to learn our lesson. I know I did. I am grateful for the advice seniors gave me in my eighth grade and freshman year. It did spare me from much trouble. But, there were lessons I had to learn from falling and getting up. Good luck. Welcome to the best and worst years of your life. Whether they would be mostly good or bad years is partially up to you and your choices.

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