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In 1970s, the US government set the price for gasoline around $1 per gallon. Define price controls and describe how some people believe they protect competition.
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Charles and his mom were always together, except for when he was at school and she was at work, of course. One reason they were always together was because they had a very small apartment. However, they were also together because they shared an interest in ancient Egypt. When they were not at work or school, they would spend time learning about ancient Egypt at libraries and museums. Sometimes, they would stay at home and build model pyramids and create their own hieroglyphics. As much as Charles loved doing these things, his main goal was to visit the King Tut exhibit. Unfortunately, the exhibit had not come to the United States in thirty years. He was sure he would never get to see all of King Tut’s treasures. Needless to say, Charles was surprised when, for his tenth birthday, his mother gave him two tickets to the King Tut exhibit. He did not even know that the exhibit was coming to his town! His excitement did not last long. He became sad when he looked at the tickets. He saw that exhibit would not arrive until October, which was more than eight months away. As time passed, he once again became excited about visiting the exhibit. In fact, by the time August came around, he had convinced himself that October would never come. He knew that the wait would be the longest two months of his entire life. Finally, October did come. One Wednesday morning, Charles and his mom raced to get dressed, wolfed down their breakfast, and hopped on the first bus heading to the museum. When they arrived at the museum, they saw huge banners with pictures of King Tut’s tomb printed on them. Charles was sure it was going to be the best day ever. 1. Why did Charles think "October would never come"? He thought that he would not be able to get out of school. He was pretty sure that the exhibit had been canceled. He was not sure if his mom had tickets for the exhibit. He was very excited and could not wait to go to the exhibit.

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