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i said flutter love i dont know why i keep tryin my heart was beaten for love but now is at a dead akward silence i can take the sorrow so i kill my self with that arrow im heart broke i got played like a joke so i sit here and think how i can make my heartbreaker choke dont play with my love like im some fucking toy i hope you have enjoyed the pain the sorrows and the tears that i am in becuase precila this is what you have began the rage the hate the suicidal thought the ones were i die of just to kill t my thoughts times like this make me think i shoould have never lived that i shouold have let that mainic kill me off foreal im in so much pain plz tell god to bring the rain leaving me in sorry yeah you have nothin to gain im tired of playing your game i bet you dont even rember my name yeah you the one who has me thinking this insane like i have no brain
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