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A certain skin lotion is a fine mixture of water and various oils. This lotion is cloudy and cannot be separated into oil and water by filtration or centrifuge. What type of mixture is it? colloid suspension solution
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Solutions, Suspensions, and Colloids In organisms, compounds rarely exist as pure substances. They typically form mixtures with other compounds. There are three types of mixtures: solutions, suspensions, and colloids. Mixtures can be of any two or more chemical compounds, but in biology, we mostly study mixtures of water with other compounds. (Remember, all living things are mostly water.) When water mixes with a compound, it forms an aqueous solution. Aqueous solutions differ in density of concentration measured by molarity. Molarity is the number of moles of a chemical compound dissolved per liter of water. In other words, the higher the molarity, the higher the concentration.
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Suspensions are like solution of fine sand in water which appear to be mixed but after leaving it for a time the suspended particle which is sand in this case settles down and they can be easily separated using simple filtration methods So it can be the answer. Let's see what do we have next. Solution !!!! can it be the answer??? What are the examples of solution??? Umm..Sugar in water, yes but can you separate them using simple filtration?? No !! So we finally come to colloids. These are homogeneous mixture of one substance into another such that they are non-crystalline in nature. These are sorta intermediate between pure solution and Suspension. These are not completely dissolved like salt in water but are in dispersed phase which can't be separated by simple filtration methods. Particle size of colloids is intermediate between those of suspensions and crystalline solutions. Example is milk!!! and solution of oil in water.

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