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Which is a complete sentence? A. Sometimes have gooey brownies. B. Unfortunately, four of the plates are chipped. C. While Bryson fished in the creek. D. Nearly all the dogs barking at me.
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b for sure
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“I think we should write about soccer,” Christopher said as he wadded up a piece of paper into a ball and bounced it off his head into the air. “Why can’t we write about rock music?” Jeremy asked as he beat his pencil on the coffee table like a drum stick and hummed a little bit. “Please stop that, son,” Jeremy’s dad said. “Your mother would be very mad at me if you messed up the finish on that wood.” “Sorry, Dad,” Jeremy said. “I’m going to be outside in the garden, but I’ll be back in a bit,” Jeremy’s dad said. “Knock on the window if you need me, okay?” “Knock three times!” Jeremy sang loudly before he realized he was singing an old song in front of a guest. “Why three times?” Christopher asked as he unfolded the crumpled piece of paper. “Uh, would you like some fruit punch?” Jeremy asked, hoping to change the subject. “No, thanks, but why don’t we write our report about soccer?” Christopher asked. “Because we can write it about rock music,” Jeremy said in a sing-song voice. Christopher laughed and said, “Okay, maybe we should compromise. That means that our report can have some of what you want and some of what I want.” “That sounds like a good idea,” Jeremy said. “But I’ve never heard of any soccer players who are rock stars.” Christopher crumpled another piece of paper into a ball and bounced it off his head again, and Jeremy imagined that Christopher was on a soccer field in England playing an international game. “Just as long as we write a good report for Mrs. Brandenburg, we’ll make a good grade,” Christopher said. “It’s too bad Elizabeth can’t do this report with us because sometimes she has really neat ideas.” Jeremy nodded his head hard and grunted, “Yeah!” He bounced his pencil on the palm of his hand as he added, “She and I wrote a song one day while we were walking home from school. It can get boring walking home from school.” “That’s why I take my soccer ball to school with me,” Christopher said. “When does Elizabeth tell you some of her cool ideas?” Jeremy asked. “At recess, she used to come over to play soccer with us. She would make up cool new rules, and now the playground isn’t the same without her.” “Yeah, maybe we should be nice and go visit Elizabeth at her house,” Jeremy said. “Maybe I could draw her a get-well card, too.” 1. The reader can tell that Elizabeth wants to be a rock star. has recently been sick. is Christopher's neighbor. is a very bad student.
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