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What effect did the success of the American Revolution have internationally?
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The American Revolution inspired other countries to declare independence.
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On the local level, there was great social upheaval. After the revolutionaries won, the property of the Loyalists was seized, and these "traitors" had to move out. Some returned to England, others moved to Canada or Nova Scotia (the 14th colony, that did not revolt). On the local level, now each colony became an independent state, having to make it's own laws, raise taxes, and administer their own government. Many new people were empowered, but universal demoncracy did not come all at once. Most states kept property requirements, and if you were not a property owner, you could not vote. On the national level, at first, there was a very weak central government. It's inability to solve regional problems and inability to raise taxes, or even have a Chieff Executive or good courts. The Founding Fathers proposed that they "amend" the Articles of Confederation, and that actually led to a rewrite and adoption of a new Federal Constitution by 1789. On the International level, Britain was left with a big budget deficit. For the first time, she lost a war and a big part of her colonies. Britain did not expect the new "nation" to last, it was discribed as a monster with 13 heads. Britain did not remove it's forts and troops from American land west of the Appalacian Mtns, until after the War of 1812. The people of France wanted to copy the success of Americans revolting against the King, and the French Revolution was a direct result of the American success. Unfortunately, the French put a dictator in charge, Napoleon. Americans were much more lucky, choosing Washington, who was offered the "Crown", to become a King, but he refused that temptation. Some say, because he never had a son to succeed him/.

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