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According to the passage, what is the reason that organic farming methods have gained popularity in recent years?
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...what's the passage?
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What Is Organic Farming? Organic farming is an alternative system of cultivation that rejects the chemical fertilizers and pesticides used today. Instead, organic farming uses biological fertilizers and pest control. Farmers who practice this type of farming believe that successful cultivation does not require any chemicals. Furthermore, they believe that the crops obtained are of a higher quality than conventionally grown crops. The organic farming movement has gained momentum in recent years, as people are becoming more conscientious about the health risks that chemicals pose to our bodies. Organic farming can trace its roots back to 1930s England. Sir Albert Howard, a British scientist, began using waste as the main component for plant fertilizer. His idea was to enrich the soil with natural recyclable waste while at the same time producing better crops. Natural recyclable waste can be anything from animal manure to compost to straw to turf grass. When added to the soil, these natural ingredients improve the quality of the soil and help retain moisture. Chemical fertilizers provide direct nourishment to plants but do not improve the quality of the soil. Another practice used in organic farming to keep soil healthy is crop rotation. This practice consists of planting different crops during each harvest season. Scientists have discovered that different plants absorb different nutrients. If only one crop is planted year after year, the soil will not be able to renew its lost nutrients. In time, the soil becomes poor and unsuitable for farming. Pests are a common nuisance for farmers. In modern farming, the use of pesticides is widespread. Organic farmers reject this practice and instead use insects, such as ladybugs, to control pests. These insects help reduce the potential damage these harmful pests can cause. Furthermore, farmers are aware that certain plants act as pest deterrents. Thus, farmers grow these plants near their crops as a natural preventive measure.
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Your answer is the last sentence in the first paragraph; "The organic farming movement has gained momentum in recent years, as people are becoming more conscientious about the health risks that chemicals pose to our bodies."

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