• butterflydreamer
I'm completing past papers and i came across this question "describe equilibrium reactions". The question is worth 4 marks so would this mean that i should talk about factors that affect equilibrium reactions : pressure, volume, concentration, temperature , Le Chatelier's principle and provide a definition ??? The question is soooo broad LOL
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  • Photon336
Generally speaking increasing concentration, temperature, will increase rate or the forward reaction leading to product formation. If your given a specific reaction and asked these things then it becomes easier but I guess it depends.! An increase in pressure can favor either the products or reactants depending on whether there are more or less moles of products. Sometimes increase in temperature won't favor the products that's if the reaction is exothermic. Additional energy will cause some of the products to decompose in the reaction and to go the reactants.
  • butterflydreamer
haha yeah, you're absolutely correct :) I wrote about everything i listed above but i thought i missed some things LOL the question is too broad for my liking ahhahaaha

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