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---According to this map, which of the following regions contained the most Russian missile sites? Oriente Havana Matanzas ------> Pinar Del Rio (this is the correct answer) Points earned on this question: 4 ---According to this map, what region of Cuba had the greatest number of Russian military camps? Las Villas Pinar del Rio Camaguey ------> Havana (this is the correct answer) Points earned on this question: 4 ---Why was the Line of Demarcation established near the 38th Parallel? The 38th Parallel divided Korea into two equal halves. ------> The 38th Parallel was close to the front line where the two armies reached a stalemate. (this is the correct answer) The 38th Parallel was the farthest location that the North Korean army had advanced into South Korean territory. The 38th Parallel was an arbitrary decision made between North and South Korean leaders. Points earned on this question: 4 ---Which region depicts American intervention in foreign affairs because of the Good Neighbor policy? Northern Africa ------> Central America (this is the correct answer) Eastern Europe Southeast Asia Points earned on this question: 4 Based on this map, what made Cuba such a serious threat to the United States during the Cold War? Cuba had independently developed a nuclear weaponry system. The U.S. Navy was powerless to stop Soviet ships from supplying Cuba with military arms. The Soviets had a missile site in close range of Guantanamo Bay, a U.S. naval base. ----> Cuba's proximity to the United States made it possible for large-scale missile attacks. (this is the correct answer) Points earned on this question: 4
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