• anonymous
Imma be honest, I was a poet not a rapper, But rap seemed to come some time after, it began as singing along to others songs, Till rap and me had a special bond, I got used to the beats and sounds, Then i started to write things out, I found my poems more on pace, Soon through my poetry, rap, traced, I started reading my poems to the beat, Then just started rapping, no retreat, It's been years now, yet i recall, Most rap wasnt poetry at all, So I showed up, a poet at heart, They dropped the beat, I had to start, Free-style poetry is all that came out, Zyi6 <-- Just a lil shout
  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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shout out* (didnt have enough room)
  • Zyi6
Well when you put it like that, poetry seems a lot like rap, All I gotta do is slow it down, take a second till I get the sound, good to know that i've got a friend, to work with me on this till the end, I wasn't quite sure what it was about, but thanks anyway for the shout out, I'll take your tips and your advice, so that I can whip up a rap, that sounds real nice. I DID hurt myself writing up a reply Tony, just cause you said not to.
  • anonymous
Your response hurt me too xD painful to read!! xD JKJK

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