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im comparing the United States of 1776 to the United States of 1870 and need to put this into a t-chart to help me write an essay, i got all the rest of the questions but am stuck on this one. I know What key events changed the United States but how would I put that In a T-chart?
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in 1776, also the 13 colonies had declared their independence from great Britain. Another thing slavery was widely accepted at that time period. there was no constitution formed yet, and the colonies were beginning their war for independence. in the 1870s, slavery had already been abolished and the civil war had ended. The south was devastated by the civil war and their economy was still in its nascent stages of being rebuilt. Railroads were starting to become more common, and america was beginning to enter an age where huge corporations were starting to have immense power, politically basically they ran things. in new York in the 1870s you had politicians like Boss Tweed who used immigrant populations as a power base and were involved in fraud.
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A t-chart is just a way to organize two set of data. Write The United States Compared accross the top. Then put your 1776 info on the left side and your 1870 info on the right side.

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